July 2021, I made the finals for the world renowed photo awards for this drone shot over Istanbul - looking from Asia to Europe.

Siena Awards.jpg
Gottlieb - Istanbul - email size.jpg

The WSJ Newspaper used my photo of a copperhead snake that I took in my backyard a few years ago.

Aug 6, 2019

WSJ Aug 6, 2019.jpg


Winter Edition 2021

This photo of reindeer from above the arctic circle in Sweden got a full two-page spread on the inside cover.



And this photo of my son Brendan standing in awe of the night sky graced their page on an article on the heavens in the same issue.



Fall Edition 2021 (vol 28, No 3)

I shot this photo of a lepoard in Kenya a few years ago.  The magazine used the full picture in their article, and a smaller image on the front cover of the magazine.




Summer 2019

1st Place Winner

A heron catching a piranha in the jungles of Brazil.

Heron catching piranha.jpg


- Photos of the day Award

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December 2019

This male lion is clearly King of the Hill around here - Masai Mara in Kenya

November 2019

5 Lion Cubs.jpg
5 Lion cubs - Masai Mara in Kenya

November 2019

Sharks on the Move.jpg
Sharks entering the pass at Fakarava Atoll in the South Pacific.

August 2019

July 2019

This photo above along with 7 others was also chosen by the Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency in South Africa to grace their 2019 Annual Report. 
Here is a photo of their Annual report - with the dolphin photo below on the cover.
South African Annual Report.jpg

June 2019

Flying Fish.jpg

November 2018

Black-collard Hawk.jpg

October 2018

June 2018


I won 1st place in the photo contest for the Winter 2018 edition of this magazine.

These ducklings are a few hours old having just hatched - and yet - they are already fully enjoying themselves in our koi pond.


Nice Honor from

National Geographic

I just heard that one of my photos I submitted to National Geographic for their photo contest is now in the top running.  This is a shot from my trip to Antarctica last year.  The diver on the left is National Geographic photographer David Doublet and the kayaker is my sister Karen.  




Virginia Wildlife honor

I received a full page photo in the July/August 2017 issue of Virginia Wildlife for this photo.  This fox hung around our house every day for a few months - then just disapeared one day.

Virginia Wildlife honor

I received an Honorable mention for this photo in the July/August 2013 issue of Virginia Wildlife.  White Egret.