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Wild Jungles & Rivers of Brazil - August 2017

There were 2 parts to this trip.  The first was with my son Brendan where we spent 5 days in the Pantanal (western edge of Brazil) jungle exploring the wild life.  The second part was when I teamed up with 3 others from around the world to search out and scuba dive with the giant Anacondas that roam the rivers of western Brazil.

Click on the photo at the right to see the PHOTO ALBUM of the trip - it is best to DOWNLOAD it to view it.


And – the 5 min VIDEO

      - just click below

(And then maximize the screen with the button in bottom right corner).



Photo Album

I made a shorter version of this video for my friend Amos at Big Animals who arranged this trip.  He put this video on his website.  It went viral - over 65 MILLION views.  You can see that one here on the right - open in YouTube to see the latest view count.

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