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Kenya Trip April 2013



Sharon and I got back from a wonderful 2 week trip to Kenya.  The purpose of the trip was to spend a week in Kijabe, Kenya with a missions group called Adventures in Missions.  As we were arranging the trip, it dawned on me that if I am going this far around the world – that we might want to take in a safari since we would be so close to safari country.  So, we did.


We did the safari first.  And the Maasai Mara tent resort was really special.


Click on the Lion to see the photo book of the trip.



Click below for the really exciting short video on our trip. (And then maximize the screen with button in bottom right corner)


The missions trip was also a very special experience.  Along with a few dozen other missionaries, we experienced first hand what serving people in this part of the world is like.  We did hospital visits, construction projects and visited a project for the youth.  Here are the photos of that trip.


Click on the kids to see these photos

Photo Album

Photo Album

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